Thursday, April 16, 2015

April 13, 2015 Colina, Chile

Zona: Colina
Sector: Batuco 1
Comp: Elder Fernandez

Man this change has gone by soooo fast! We have done so much this change we have been having between 30-40 lessons every week! We have done sooo much. We have one investigator named Ivania who should be baptized the 26th of April. and We are trying to prepare 3 other families: Fam. Mella, Fam. Mimbella and the Fam. Venezuela. But we have a few problems with work schedules and law of chastity problems and plain lazyness but things will improve! This last Sunday an inactive member came to the church for the first time in 8 years! He used to be the branch president but went inactive. We had a awesome lesson with him about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and what taking the sacrament means. The Spirit was really strong in the lesson. 

We had a concert in church this last Saturday. 2 sister missionaries and us 4 elders played piano violin and sang for a group of about 70 people. It turned out really well. We had a huge amount of investigators and less actives there, it was pretty sweet. This next week the Sisters planned a dessert night with everyone so I am gonna try to make some cookies from the cookie mix stuff. Hopefully everything goes well. Measuring utensils just dont exist here. Everyone just puts in what they think is the right amount haha.

President gave us permission to hang out with the sister missionaries today for our zone activity. Oh man it was so fun and for once things werent so competitive haha. We played frizbee and volleyball and a few other games it was a blast! President said that we are his test group and if things go well he is going to allow the Elders and Sisters to do sports and stuff together on P-Day so that should be fun!

 I have been studying alot about the sacrament and atonement again. I am just so thankful that because of Jesus Christ we can start again, become better people and learn, progress and just be able to return to our Heavenly Father. God has to keep laws and one of them is that no unclean thing can enter into His kingdom. God is just and merciful. Just because He will always keep His law but merciful because He has sent His Son to take upon Himself all of ours sins, pains and afflictions. We are all imperfect but through Jesus Christ and His Atonement we can become clean but also transform our lives. No one will be perfect but that doesnt mean we can try to be. The sacrament is a huge part of the Atonment of Jesus Christ, in fact when we dont take the Sacrament we are litteraly taking the Atonement of Jesus Christ and throwing it in the trash. Its like saying to Jesus, ¨yeah so you paid all my sins and unleashed this huge potencial for me but I dont care. None of it matters to me, Im better off by myself. Theres more important things that I have to worry about.¨ The Sacrament is a time to remember what Christ did for us. Its a time for introspection. We renew our baptism covenants which are to take upon ourselves His name. To keep His commandments. To remember Him. We cannot partake of the of the blessing of the Atonement without partaking of the Sacrament. But also there are many who cannot partake of the sacrament. There are so many here who are discouraged or have a long repentance process ahead. With the help of the Bishop they can get on the right track. Because of Jesus Christ everyone can start again. I know that that is true. We need to get things together and in order. It is so much better to repent, as difficult as it may be, because by doing so we can return to our Father. If we were all perfect there would be no need of the Atonement. 

-Elder Brady

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