Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18, 2016 Huelen, Alberdi

Zona: Huelen
Sector: Alberdì
Comp: Elder Cooper

Wow its soooooooooooooooooooooooo hot here!!!!!!!! I feel like I am under a huge magnifying glass, I swear im gonna catch fire any day now! Arizona is soooo much hotter but I dont feel like Im being sniped out by the like like I do here. WEW!

This is a really good sector that I am in. Its been really hard trying to adjust back to walking so much again but its good exercise. We have a bunch of investigators but we still havent had any progresando. We have been trying to look at the tema to see what we can do to sharpen our teachings and focus more on their needs. Thats one of the more difficult parts of missionary work- trying to discern the needs and doubts of the investigators. But the good news is that we have a few inactive families that are coming back to church after years and years of inactivity. Some of these families are part member families so hopefully we can get on that soon.

We are passing out books of mormom and cards to all the members in our ward and they are trying to find a family member or neighbor, friend that they can introduce to and then give us a call. We have been receiving muchas referencias. We hope to see some good fruits soon! We gotta keep up on the work, my companion goes home the 8th of Febuary and I have just two months left!! Thats nothing!!! I feeli kinda stressed like I have a huge loead of things to do and just a really short time to do them in.

We had our leadership meeting and our mission president gave us a really cool example about the field being white and ready to harvest. He said that the Lord has many people prepared to receive us. Its like easter eggs we have to put in a huge amount of effort to find theos people prepared. The scriptures dont say gently put your sickle in but they say THRUST it in. Alot of times we are not thrusting or doing everything we can do, not being diligent and we give up easily because we dont find results. So our mission president siad we had to be more diligent because the eggs are there, and there are many of them.

Miss you guys!! See you all soon ;)

Elder Brady

Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4, 2015 Huelen, Alberdi

Zona: Huelen
Sector: Alberdi
Comp: Elder Cooper

This week was a good week but it´s been a bit challenging for us. I have been trying to get used to walking 15 kilometros everyday now. I have already just lost so much weight. This sector used to be 2 different sectors and they were BIG sectors and now its all one and we have all of it!! My feet are full of blisters but they are hardening up pretty fast. I hope after another week I will be accostomed. 
There are a lot of investigators but some just are not progressing so we might be dropping some soon. There are a lot of good members in the ward and the cool this is that we have lunch everyday!
My companion Elder Cooper is a really great guy. He is from Payson Utah and he goes home the 8th of Feburary- So we have two old and dead missionaries together....Trunky!! Haha no we are working really hard trying to make it the best last months of our missions. 

When I came to the mission I hadnt made the click that ´Im in the mission or that im going to the mission´ until I walked into the CCM. I wasnt that sad to leave my family and everything else but when I entered into CCM I realized wow I am going to be here for two years I started missing everything. Its like the same with going home- I havent made that click that ´wow my time is ending, Im not going to be a missionary anymore´ It will be after I step onto American soil again where i will start missing Chile and realizing that my time really is over.

I absolutely love the mission, being able to share the gospel and help my friends come unto Christ. I am learned so much more of this gospel and I have become so converted to it. I have a huge testimony of the Restoration and of this Gospel, this church. It is amazing participating in this work and letting it change and convert us, watching it change the lives of our brethren. Everyone, if its possible, should serve a mission.

I will send more photos next time!

Love you guys!

Happy New Year!!!!

Elder Brady

December 28, 2015 Huelen, Alberdi 1

While we were in AZ for Christmas we were able to skype with elder Brady.  That was a treat.  But he was very sick.  He and his companion spent the evening before hooked up to an I.V.  Frequently during our skype visit he crunched up in pain.  Our prayers were heard and he got to feeling better quickly.

Zona: Huelen
Sector: Alberdi 1
Comp: Elder Cooper

Well we had cambios! I had been in zona Colina for almost a year and 3 months and now I am back in la Zona Huelen. We don`t have bikes because we are in the city. So this is going to be my graveyard -where I end the mission. I plan to go all out here its a new sector, new start a good place to work. I have an awesome new companion -Elder Cooper from Payson Utah. He actually finnished his mission and the end of this change and I finnish the end of next change so we are going to be struggling to stay working hard and not being trunki. But he`s a great guy I am excited to work here with him.

I was sick allllllll last week with fever, vomiting, headaches and stomach pains. I spent Christmas Eve in an emergency clinic hooked up with an IV. My companion also suffered the same sickness. So it was a bummer week But now we feel a whole lot better. 

We were able to talk to our families on Christmas and that was pretty cool, I was able to see some of my cousins and aunt as well.

But Here I am ready to start a new change!! 

Love you guys! 

Elder Brady

December 21, 2015 Lampa, Chile

Zona: Colina
Sector: Lampa 1
Comp: Elder Rutan

Feliz Navidad a todos!!! 
It feels so weird to celebrate Christmas while it´s a 100° outside. Just doesn´t feel like Christmas!! The last two weeks there has been a huge feria ( its like a big farmers market) every night just loeaded with all kinds of food and fun stuff. Tomorrow we are going to set up a booth with a projector and screen and play the short Christmas videos from the church and pass out cards and do contacts and all- it should be interesting!

This last week has been really hard for my companion and I. The only day that we have had time to work has been this last friday. We had 8 lessons Friday and ended the whole week with a grand total of 8 lessons!! We have been traveling to reunions and violin concerts and baptism interviews that we have to do az zone leaders and then my companion was throwing up for a whole day because we havent even had time to eat lunch for 4 days. My companion weighs 130lbs and was fatiged because there just has been no time to eat or anything. So that was a bummer. And We were supposed to have 2 baptisms this week but we havent been able to teach all the lessons and some of our investigators have fallen back into their habits of smoking and drinking and didnt even go to church this last Sunday. I have been so frustrated!! But our Zone has had alot of success. This last Sunday our zone had 5 baptisms which was pretty neat.

We should always remember Jesus Christ and why he came, to remember what he has done for us. But this month we should especially be more focused on Him. It´s Christmas, not X-mas. We celebrate the birth of Christ.

Feliz Navidad to everyone!!

Elder BRady

December 14, 2015 Lampa, Chile

Zona: Colina
Sector: Lampa 1
Comp: Elder Rutan

Wow it´s been a crazy week!! First we found a new family, and we had an investigator that went to church this last Sunday, we hope to have a baptismal service held for him on the 25th of Dicember. 
We have been seeing alot of success here in Lampa. The ward has been working really well with us. We have been trying to exercise more faith and find more people. Our Heavenly Father has blessed us so much. 

So a few days ago my companion and I were riding next to the church and saw that the doors were open and so we took that as an oportunity to take a quick drink of water. We walk in and our mission president is there! Wow!! Hello President!! He was there to release a missionary that just returned from Mexico (because we are in a district). Then my companion and I leave again for our next apointment. I start riding on my bike and we try going through one of the more flaite sectors through a bunch of small streets and then I get this stinging in my eye so I stop, rub it out and was waiting for my companion to come up right behind me- but he wasnt anywhere in sight!! I was frustrated because i wasnt going that fast and so i sat there for a couple minutes and still nothing. Shoot!!! I dont want to call President because he is going to destroy me especially because he is right here in Lampa. I try retracing going through the small streets and nothing! So I call President and he tells me to go back to the church. Shoot. I thought I was fried! He came out and was happy like there was nothing to worry about and gave me a hug and we just sat there and talked for like 30 minutes until my companion called from a members phone. I felt lucky because I have seen our President destroy a few missionaries when they lose their companions. So I decided that because my dad and family do so much for the mission he chose not to be mad at me.

Another interesting story... We have a neighbor who has a bunch of kittens, but she doesnt want them and whe has been throwing them over the fence! We let them out of our house and they return to her house and she just keeps throwing them back over. So I have had it pretty hard with allergies.

We had an awesome oportunity to participate in a Christmas Concert. I was able to play the violin with another Sister missionary for a good number of songs and I was really neat. There was about 500 people there, it was so hard to leave after but its all good. It started at 4 and we got home at almost 10 at night! Geez!

My Grandma shared an awesome part of the Liahona in Dicember and I would like to share it again because it is awesome:

I don't know if you are allowed to read the Ensign/Liahona but there was an article in the December issue that was so very powerful.  Just before President Packer passed away he had asked that his final testimony of Jesus Christ be printed in this magazine so all the members could read it.  Below is a small portion of his testimony: 

My Witness 

“After all the years that I have lived and taught and served, after the millions of miles I have traveled around the world, with all that I have experienced, there is one great truth that I would share. That is my witness of the Savior Jesus Christ. “Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon recorded the following after a sacred experience: “‘And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! “‘For we saw him’ (D&C 76:22–23).

 “Their words are my words.” 6 “How privileged I have been throughout my life to be able to bear my special witness that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. I testify in all humility, but with absolute certainty, that He is the Only Begotten of the Father. This is His Church; He presides over it and directs this work. He is our Redeemer. I know He lives, and I know Him. Of this I testify in the name of Jesus Christ."

Read that very carefully...what he is saying is that he has seen Jesus Christ!  He quotes Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon saying that they had seen Christ, and then adds that "their words are my words."  That just kind of takes my breath away to think that Elder Packer saw Christ and he testifies with absolute certainty who He is.

We are so blessed to be here at this time and to have this restored gosple in our lives. To participate in the gathering of the house of Israel. 

Elder Brady