Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February 16, 2016 Huelen, Alberdi

Zona: Huelen
Sector: Alberdì
Comp: Elder Cagle

Wow this week was probably on of the hardest weeks in my mission! So I only have had 6 weeks in this sector before my last companion Elder Cooper returned home -6 weeks is not enough to learn this sector!! So my companion Elder Cagle and I have been walking around everywhere with a map trying to remember where everyone lives. Thursday and Sunday last week were some of the hardest days because we had absolutely no lessons and we have very few lessons from the days before. The people were just ocupied or on vacation an we only had a few investigatores but we had visited them all. It was really hard litteraly walking 5 straight hours in the heat trying to find someone to teach!! Geez! But just yesterday we began to see blessings because of our diligence.

Friday- we recieved the news that in the family Elder Cooper and I had helped get reactivated there was a girl with the age of 21 who had lost her baptism records. The mission, the stake and the family have tried to look everywhere or for some evidences but nothing has been found. She has a baptism date for the 20th of march.

Saturday- we went to one of the houses that we had recently found. In this house there is a convert who was baptized last year. He stopped going to church and got involved with a girl and they are now living together. He called us and told us to go and visit him. He told us that he wanted to do things right. His girlfriend wants to become involved in the church and do the same. We found out that the girl has to get divorced from her husband that she had separated from so that they could get married and go to church. So friend told us that he is planning to move out and be friends with his girlfriend so that they both can progress and so that his girlfriend can be baptized with her 3 kids. She has a baptizm date for the 20th of March.

Sunday- we had ward counsel and our bishop told us that there was a sister from columbia and that she had been recieving the lessons from the missionares there and she had just barely moved here and she wants to be baptized. She has a baptism date for the 20th of March.

Monday- we had lunch with an active family. They had told us that in our ward there was an hermana that was an investigator and had been an investigator for almost 7 years. She told us that missionaries had always passed by but she coudnt progress because she needed to get a divorce and get married with the guy she had been living with. The active family told us that she always pays her tithing and that she is super strong and that this last sunday she had told the relief society that she went to the registo civil and became legally married to the guy she is living with right now. And she also told the sisters that now she can become a member of the church. She has a baptism date for the 20th of march.

Monday- we also visited a house of a youth that was recently baptized. He is the only member of his family. They live in very poor conditions but they are a great family. The converts mom had always participated in the visits we had with her son. But she was firm in her decision not to be baptized and join the church. Well this last monday we visited them. Her son went to the kitchen to make juice and we sat with her in the living. I kindof jokingly asked the sister when she was planning to be baptized. She gave me a big SHHHHHHHHH -and then said quietly that she had talked with a returned sister missionary. That she bore her testimony to her and that she had felt the spirit to hear this returned missionary. She told me and my companion that she wants to keep the news a suprize to her 17 year old son. She accepted to be batptized the 20th of march.

Well we are working with a family and they are becoming reactivated. They have a son who is not a member. This family has a goal to be sealed in the temple. We have been working hard with this family and their son has a baptism date for the 20th of March.

My companion Elder Cagle and I have been seening lots of miracles. I know that our Heavenly Father has touched the hearts of these people. Even if these families dont make the baptism convant they will still have that seed and hopefully it will bloom in the future. We have started asking references. We have learned that the members are timid. Its hard to ask them to join us in a lesson with somene they dont know. So - we are working around that. We are asking the members for references in very specific ways and still the members are to shy to introduce us to them so we go and contact the house and if they accept us we tell the members that they had recieved us and they sooon become very excited to go to the lessons and share their testimonies. When these members see the success from their efforts they will want to participate more because thats what brings joy and happiness. Other members will see the examples and want to follow.

The field is white, and it is ready to harvest. I have learned from my mission president that it is like lookig for easter eggs. There are many many easter eggs but they are all hidden and we have to look diligently. Sometimes we give up to easy. As Elder Holland has said "Salvation is not a cheap experience." Even when we have been looking and searching and never find those eggs we still leave behind the hints and clues or seeds. We are all on the same team.

Well thats my week!! Love you guys!!

Elder Brady

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February 9, 2016 Huelen, Alberdi

Zona: Huelen
Sector: Alberdì
Comp: Elder Cagle

Well my companion Elder Cooper just returned home yesterday and we we recieved our new companions. I have to train the next Zone Leader because its his first time as Zone Leader and I leave the mission this change. But this sector is HUGE! It has been pretty difficult trying to remember where everyone lives and continue where we left off with Elder Cooper. I have one change in this sector but it sure was not enough to learn it! haha But we are doing our best, that is what matters to the Lord -that we do our best. The name of my new companion is Elder Cagle. He is from California and he is 2 metros de altura!! locoooooo! But the good thing is that the flaites dont yell things at us anymore haha!

We hope to have 3 baptisms this change, I am really excited. We have a family that is progressing fast. It is amazing to see their conversion, it is one of the best experiences. I love this work. It is such a priviledge to participate in this great work.

We recently had our P-Day changed to Tuesday. It will be interesting, it feels really weird.

Thats all I have this week!"!

Love you guys!

Elder Brady

Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1, 2016 Huelen, Alberdi

Zona: Huelen
Sector: Alberdì
Comp: Elder Cooper.

Wowowowowow!!! This week has been a huge bummer!!!! Everyone is on vacation in the beach! It has been so hard trying to find our investigators or tying to make appointments. Nevertheless! We have found some great new investigatores and we are planning to have 3 baptisms this next change.

My companion Elder Cooper is very trunky because he goes home next monday. I have been somewhat trunky as well because I am killing him his last change and I am going to die my next change. But I shall endure to the end. 49 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been so hot here walking around everywhere. Ive been taking 2 showers every day. We have some serious sweatmarks on our shirts at the end of the day after taking off our backpacks. But we are doing good.

We had a guy in church this last Sunday. His name is Dimitri. We have never taught him. He is a very skinny old guy that has no teeth and is almost always drunk in the street. Whenever we see him we invite him to church -he always says that he will be there but he never comes so the next time we see him in the street we ask him why he couldnt go and he always says he couldnt. But this time he came and was there for all 3 hours and participated really well in the classes!!! It was pretty cool.

Well See you all soon!!

Elder Brady!!

Elder Brady's dad is pretty popular in the mission.  Because he travels to Chile every month he is able to bring lots of packages for the mission home, the MTC and the missionaries all over Chile and South America.  But Wes is the most spoiled!  This is what his dad brought him on the last trip.  Just in time too.  Elder Brady said they had a bunch of extra things they needed to spend money on last month and they didn't have any meal appointments so they had no food.  Then they were surprised with all these goodies.  We always make sure to send big bags of candy for the missionaries to pass out to the kids.