Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014 Colinas, Chile

First area:  Colinas
This week was my first week in the Mission field and oh boy has it been crazy sweet! I have a new companion.. Elder Hall from Utah. He has been here a little over a year. He has been helping me get the routine and the language learned. He is a really cool guy. Our house is pretty sweet. Every saturday and thursday we go to the church to teah english classes for and hour and a half to church members and investigator and and contacts who we invited. I got to participate in a talent show and that was pretty fun. My companion and I did a skit. Was pretty funny. I serve in a branch that should have around 450 members attending but there is less than 25 members that attend church every sunday. Alot of people find it difficult to come to church because of work. It´s a big bummer. But lots of work to do here. I have a calling in the branch! I am the Elders Quorum 2nd counselor. And some wayyyyyyyyy cool news is that Elder Dirkmaat and I are in the SAME DISTRICT!!!!! So i see him for district class every wednesday. And it meens that we can do interchanges so me and nate can be eachothers companions for a day and procilyte and stuff!! There are only 6 people in our district! We have tons of missionaries in our mission and we are put in the same district! Geez thats crazy!! Its pretty sweet!
So we have to contact 140 people every week as a companionship. Everyday i run into at least 3 drunk people. We had one guy come up to me and shook my hand and wouldnt let go and he just started crying and sharing all of his problems with me. Another guy came up to me and asked if i was scared of him. Crazy people on the streets at night. Oh and in my sector we get to ride bikes!! My companion and I almost got hit a couple nights ago. Its very crazy at night when people are driving cars drunk. They drive crazy when they are sober! haha but it has been a blast. There are so many dogs around so we are Always being chased by dogs. Also yesterday afternoon we went to an apartment complex and chained our bikes up and went upstairs to knock on doors and when we came back down I guess someone shoved a piece of cardboard with nails in it right bewteen my tire and my break.. and i didnt notice it at first so when we got going again and i had to use my break i put a hole in my tire. Bunch of punks. We had to walk pretty far back to the house to repair it.
Yesterday I was able to share with a family my testimony. It was a really neat experience. It has been way cool! I love the Mission and I am SOOOO EXCITED FOR CAMERON!! Holy smokes thats soooo Sweet!!!!! Cant wait to hear where he´s going!!! 

Oh and poppy would be proud... I helped make a wall out of concrete!!
Chilean BBQ

Elder Brady chillin

Elder Brady and his cousin, Elder Dirkmaat

Mission pres and his wife, and first companion Elder Hall


study area

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May 6, 2014 Chilean MTC

I am so excited for Hunter and Jackson! Thats way cool! I really apreciate all the prayers that have been going around. I am really blessed to have the friends I do.
My Leader in Az (Bro.Cook) told me that Josh and Richard are getting ready to leave soon and that Josh had been ordained and that Richard is coming up close! I am so excited for them. Bro. Cook has been a huge support to me along with Richard and Josh. They are some awesome friends. Bro. Cook has really helped me out. "You are at the point where the sky is the limit.  The Lord is ready to open the windows of heaven and let you peak inside if you are obedient and faithful"- Bro.Cook
Sister Kirkham emailed me and it sounds like Luis and Eric are doing awesome!! I think thats really neat that Elder Luis got to serve one of those mini missions. Thats such a cool experience! He's about ready to be sent off to Bulgaria! I really wish i could be there for his farewell. Luis has been a great friend and example to me and I really look up to him. Thats crazy he's going to learn Bulgarian! I am having a tough time with Spanish! I can't even imagine Bulgarian!! I am so happy for him. Its so awesome to think of all the missionaries around the world bringing people unto Christ.
Alexis said school is getting out soon! Thats so cool! We are expecting some 62 more missionaries tomorrow. Right now it is just my district, so... 8 of us. Its pretty empty but i am excited for the new crowd.
I miss Everyone! I really hope to see Nate again! I can't wait to hear where Cameron is going to go! He better let me know! I haven't heard from him lately!
I could probably have a conversation with poppy now! I really wish i paid more attention to Boni when i was working with that concrete. But the spanish is coming along alright. Its really frustraing at times but i know i will get the hang of it. Ser and Estar are soooooo confusing to me.

I am starting my 4th week at the MTC! 2 more weeks to go. This week has been very spiritual. I was able to go to the temple and we have had some awesome devotionals. We have been doing a whloe lot of service.
I am really greatful for the experiences I have had and my family. I love them.
I am supposed to have a minimum of 140 contacts a week. Thats crazy! haha

These people are special. Everyone on this world is.
I have learned the worth of a human soul. The worth of a human soul, is its capacity to become as God. DyC 18:10 has a new meaning for me now. I am so greatful to be here and serve the people of Chile.
I love you all. Thank you for you prayers and support.

- Elder Brady