Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1, 2016 Huelen, Alberdi

Zona: Huelen
Sector: Alberdì
Comp: Elder Cooper.

Wowowowowow!!! This week has been a huge bummer!!!! Everyone is on vacation in the beach! It has been so hard trying to find our investigators or tying to make appointments. Nevertheless! We have found some great new investigatores and we are planning to have 3 baptisms this next change.

My companion Elder Cooper is very trunky because he goes home next monday. I have been somewhat trunky as well because I am killing him his last change and I am going to die my next change. But I shall endure to the end. 49 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been so hot here walking around everywhere. Ive been taking 2 showers every day. We have some serious sweatmarks on our shirts at the end of the day after taking off our backpacks. But we are doing good.

We had a guy in church this last Sunday. His name is Dimitri. We have never taught him. He is a very skinny old guy that has no teeth and is almost always drunk in the street. Whenever we see him we invite him to church -he always says that he will be there but he never comes so the next time we see him in the street we ask him why he couldnt go and he always says he couldnt. But this time he came and was there for all 3 hours and participated really well in the classes!!! It was pretty cool.

Well See you all soon!!

Elder Brady!!

Elder Brady's dad is pretty popular in the mission.  Because he travels to Chile every month he is able to bring lots of packages for the mission home, the MTC and the missionaries all over Chile and South America.  But Wes is the most spoiled!  This is what his dad brought him on the last trip.  Just in time too.  Elder Brady said they had a bunch of extra things they needed to spend money on last month and they didn't have any meal appointments so they had no food.  Then they were surprised with all these goodies.  We always make sure to send big bags of candy for the missionaries to pass out to the kids.

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