Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 8, 2016 Huelen, Alberdi Chile

Zona: Huelen
Sector: Alberdì
Comp: Elder Cagle

Hola hola!! I wasnt able to send a letter the last week because i was super enfermo! It started 2 saturdays ago and I was stuck with diarreah and a headach. Then everything moved into vomiting and tuesday morning I was vomiting blood so I called my Presdident and then he and his wife came to our house at 2am to take us to the hospital and we got out at about 5am. So all p-day I was resting. Its a bummer! 

Another big bummer is that most of the people who had a date to be baptized the 20th have had their baptism date moved so my companion will continue with them which is awesome! They just need a little more time. But we are still planning to have a baptism the 20th of March.

Its been pretty hard trying to stay focused on the mission because I am REALLY excited to see my family again. My ex companion Elder Cooper sent me a message saying that going home is something really nice, but that its not worth being distracted over. I know that I have to keep giving my 100 percent. Elder Cagle and I are still trying to work hard. We have difficult days and some really good days. One of my goals in every sector is to leave it better than when I had come to it. We have been finding alot of people and I am excited to keep planting seeds for the next missionaries. Its the best thing in the world being instruments in the hands of our Father in bringing our brethren to have a knowledge of the truth.

See you guys soon!

Elder Brady

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