Friday, September 5, 2014

September 1, Cerro Navia, Chile


This week we did really well with our less active members! We had 17 lessons with less active and new converts, the highest in the mission this week! We feel pretty good! We had a lot of them show up at church this last sunday also it was so cool!

Everything is going really well. All the missionaries love it when my dad comes down. One Elder said that when he comes down its like the second coming and everyone is excited and feel saved and refreshed for the month haha. When they get a package they share it with all the other missionaries. Everyone just shares everything!

This week we have been talking to our investigator Cecilia. We had a lesson last night with her and that lesson was so difficult. She was just not understanding. She kept talking about the bible and how thats all she needs and how in the bible it doesnt talk about Joseph Smith. I was so upset. She is evangelico- which is like the baptists in our country. I tried bearing my testimony over and over and she just wouldnt understand. then my compainion tried and still not. So I was so frustrated and I raised my voice and was almost yelling at her so she wouldnt interrupt me. I put the book of mormon with the bible and told her that this is one book. I told her that she isnt going to know that it is true if she doesnt read it. Now she understands and promised to read it. But good greif I was so upset! And she told us that si o si she is going to go to church this sunday! Woot!

Its reaining like crazy here but all is well! Love you all!

Elder Brady
Elder Farnsworth from AZ and Elder Brady

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