Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, Cerro Navia, Chile


Here we have been teaching like crazy! We have 3 more investigators! We have been working really hard with our less active members also. We have one investigator who we are trying hard to get her to come to the church but she says she is always sick or is lazy. She said that she knows what we are teaching is true. But we just have to get her to come to church. She is old se llama cecilia! She has a son who is baptized but hasnt gone to church forever. Cecilia was baptized in the evangelico church. We are going to work really hard to get her to church this week. 

My companion and I had a really cool experience with giving a blessing. We have been doing many blessings for members. One family had a girl who had a lot of pain in her stomach. She was no older than 4. The family was going to take her to the hospital but wanted a blessing first. The blessing was very hard because she was screaming and squirming in her moms arms. I felt so bad because she was in so much pain. I did the annointing and my companion did the blessing. Right after he finnished she was calm. Just calm and normal. We blessed her that she would be calm and feel her Heavenly Fathers love. It was just amazing, she went from crying and screamin of pain to just nothing.  The family was really emotional. the couple still rushed their daughter to the hostpital and we continued talking with the rest of their families talking about the priesthood and miracles they have seen with it. It was a huge testimony builder for me. We talked with her parents and she was going to be in the hospital for a while but the doctors said she will be alright and its not permanent. 

I live with a cool guy from Peru and he is always making peruvian food for us and oh man it is sooooo good!! Tan rico! My companion and I ran into a group of dunk people. There was 6 or 7 and we were talking to them about what everthing. Before we left i told them that my companion had a bad day and that he was very sad. I told them that he needs a kiss. They all lined up and gave him hugs and kisses on the cheek! It was so funny! One guy started like fondeling the back of his head while hugging him and another guy was dancing with him. My companion was so upset and told me hes going to get even. But it was so funny!!!! 

Saturday we had a pretty big tremor. It lasted at least a minute! We were on the second story of our house on the balchony watching everything move. Car alarms were going off and people running. Then less than a minute after there was a huge green explosion that lit up the sky. We later found out that one of the big electical thing on the telephone pole was short circited or something. Fue tan loco pero super bakan!

Pero esta es mi semana! 

Love you all!

-E Brady

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