Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 08, 2015 Batuco, Chile

Zona: Colina
Sector: Batuco 1
Comp: Elder Cuadrado 

Hola Hola!! I am here in Batuco starting my 3rd change here! Woooot!! I now have a companion.. Elder Cuadrado from Buenos Aires, Argentina!! He is mi Hijo. I am training him and dang we had a great first week! My companion has so much excitement to work and everything its great! He is improving so much! Here in chile we use the word ¨cuadrado¨ as obedient. like this missionary is cuadrado. EVERYONE makes jokes with him name its pretty funny. Elder Cuadrado is Cuadrado. haha .. He is a great companion I am super excited to be his companion and work!

We did a bunch of contacts and we have a list of new people to visit this week. We hope to have at least 3 new investigators this week. This last few sundays a family of 3 has been coming back to church. The Castillo family. They have been inactive for yearsssssss! They have been coming the last few weeks and have really been able to realized all the blessings they have been missing out on. 

Right now we are working hard with a couple who are expecting to have a baby girl soon. Orlando y Corali. We are trying to help them understand the importance of marriage because they arent married yet. Orlando is less active and Corali isnt a member but they both want to have a strong family and love learning the gospel. They commited to go to church this next sunday

Tonight we have dinner with Ivania and her family, She is the girl that I baptized a month ago. Her family is buying a bunch of papa Johns pizza!! I havent had pizza since before the mission!!!! Whaaaaaat!! I am so excited!! I dont want to sound trunky or anything but I just really miss american stuff!! Everything is so expensive here. I miss american milk and my moms pastas and american cereal! and Pizza and Burritos! And the beach! haha  

But the mission is an awesome experience. I am so thankful for the time I have here and all the families I get to serve. 

I love you guys. Until next monday

-Elder Brady

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