Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015 Batuco, Chile

Zona: Colina
Sector: Batuco 1
Comp: Elder Cuadrado

This week was sooo cool! We recieved so many blessings and answered prayers! So about 3 weeks ago i lost my wallet and it had a bunch of stuff in it some really important stuff that i shouldnt have been carrying at the time but I got on a bus with my wallet, and i left the bus whithout my wallet. I dont know what happeded but my wallet wasnt there when i needed it. I prayed for help to find it if there was a way. I called our secretary to see if he could track the bus that we got on but he could because it wasnt a city bus. So we had to cancel all my cards and everything. I was bummed. I had my temple recommend and drivers license and social security there( because my wallet is more secure than leaving it in the house). 2 and a half weeks later we had to go to district class and we were going to wait for the others elders to get on the bus together but a bus just came and we just decided to get on without waiting. The bus driver handed me my wallet and everything was in it! It was so surprising! Everyone in Chile just robs and steals things and I just couldnt believe that I had gotten my wallet back! And after so much time the guy didnt forget that there was a lost wallet. It was pretty cool! It was a miracle! 

Another cool experience happened to my companion and I in the morning. Right before we left the house in the morning we said a prayer asking to be able to teach and find someone in the morning. We leave the house and our first contact...5 minutes after leaving the house... we were talking with a guy of 26 years. He invited us in and we taught him the restoration and gave him a book of mormon. We also gave him a date to be baptized the 12th of July! It was so cool!! 

My companion and I have had a great week. We taught 28 lessons and had 70 contacts and did a bunch of service projects. We found 3 investigatores this week and we have 4 investigatores with a baptism date in July. I did an interchange with my cousin Nate this week and we found one of those new families. We did contacts all day and finnaly at the end we were able to teach someone new. Its so cool being able to preach the gospel. We had a blast! 

This week we have zone conference. And in July one of the Seventy is going to come and talk to our mission and my president asked me to play violin again! I am excited! But thats all that happened this week!! 

Love you guys!

-Elder Brady

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