Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August 17, 2015 Batuco, Chile

Zona: Colina
Sector: Batuco
Comp: Elder Cuadrado

Man this week was a bummer. We worked hard in the week but this last Sunday not one investigator came to church! We had such great lessons and our investigators compromitted to go to the church but it didnt happen ahhhhh it was a bummer! A big Bummer. This last week we did a bunch of contacts and set up many appointments. Hopefully this week they can guadar their compromits. 

My cousin Elder Dirkmaat finnished his mision. It coll that he ended but I ham going to be honest I got soooooooooo trunki when he left. I am glad I got to be in the same zone as him. He has been my zone leader for 4 changes. It was an awesome experience with him. He went out with a good 4 baptisms too!! Way to go!

My companion had an interesting experience a few days ago. We were buying things for dinner. We had bikes and we went to this little store. My companion stayed out to watch the bikes and I went in to buy the stuff. It was a small store we could hear and see each other the doors were open. There were 2 guys that came up to my companion and began to talk with him. I was in the middle of paying so i wasnt paying that much attention. One of the guys tried to shake my companions hand but right when my companion was about to shake his hand the guy jerked his hand away from my companion. Then the guy said "No. I am sick of all the lies that your cult spreads. You condemn people to hell." Then he asked my companion if he really believed that Joseph Smith was a profet and saw God and Jesus Christ. My companion told him that he knew it was all true and the guy started laughing and said "right now Joseph Smith is burning in Hell with all the people you teach." He told my companion that he was the devil. That the devil these days is dressed in a white shirt and plaque and that my compaion and I are going to go to hell and burn there with Joseph Smith and the rest of our cult. 
It was really interesting. The guy smelled really bad and he had lazy eye in both his eyeballs. Not one of his eyes was lined up. The guy was really weird. Everyone in the store was looking at us. It was an interesting experience.
As missionaries we are so much more sensitive to Satan and the things he uses to attack the world. Many of the little things its crazy. I dint pay much attention before but now its so clear how satan works.

I dont have much esle to say about the week. We worked hard but didnt accomplish much. The trial of our faith is all as the scriptures say in Ether.

Elder Brady

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