Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August 3, 2015 Batuco, Chile

Zona: Colina
Sector: Batuco
Comp: Elder Cuadrado

Hola hola hola!! Esta semana fue mucho mejor que el otro! My companion and I spent alot of time this week trying to contact and find new people to teach. Our sector is a small sector and I am sure that he have knocked  every door haha. One day we had spent hours talking to people, we had talked to a little over 50 people and many would give us their direction and tell us to pass by another moment. It was a bemmer because we wanted to get in and teach!! In the night time this day we knocked on a door and a lady came out and said "Pase!" or "come in". I was stunned! I asked her what her name was and she said we will talk inside. My companion and i are looking at each other like whhhhhhatttt is going on!? They treated us like they knew us so we thought that they must have been members. The couple told us that they were inactive and recently moved from another community a little over 6 months ago! They told us that they are marriend and have 3 kids. They told us that they have been having a lot of problems in their marriage and had been separated for a while and had recently gotten back together less than a week ago. They told us that they wanted to return to the church and be sealed in the temple. We taught the restoration to their family and gave their eldest son a baptism date for the last Sunday in August! It was a miracle that we could find this family we are sooo excited!! 

That was our cool story this week!!

Love you guys!

Elder Brady

We had to leave in the rain and help fix a house with Brady the Lamanite and the Nephites

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