Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October 12, 2015 Lampa, Chile

Zona: Colina
Sector: Lampa 1
Comp: Elder Gòmez

This week was spectacular! We found 8 new investigators! I had an experience that was really cool.. We were contacting in this dirt street, just some random street we decided to go down and my companion had a phone call. While he was talking on the phone 2 kids of 11 years old were walking down the street and I decided to talk to them. They were really good kids. One of them said that he had been to our church once before and had wanted to get baptized. I asked him for his direction and he tryed to explain it the best he could ( there are alot of streets and houses without names or numbers). I didnt understand the directions he gave me, my companion knows the sector better than i do because he has more time in it and he didnt understand it that much either but he knew in which area it was in. So a few days later we decided to try and find his house. We got to the area and it was huge! We were wondering how in the world we were going to find his house and so as my companion and I were riding around I found a house with a few kids playing soccer and I had the impression to talk to them and ask if they knew the boy we were looking for. I was thinking ... well they are kids and im sure they know other kids that live around here... so I asked one of the kids in the group if he knew this other boy and guess what!! He said that he was his cousin and that this was his house!! Wow!! That was so cool! We had a lesson and we found out that the boy´s mom is an inactive member! There are two families that live in the house and we had a huge lesson and the majority came to church this last Sunday! They want to be baptized. It was really cool to be able to experience this miracle. God helped us find these two families, I know that he prepared them.

This week we had this family and 2 other investigators in church with us. We have been working really hard and its just fantastic to see the gospel changing peoples lives.

Elder Brady

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