Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015 Lampa, Chile

Zona: Colina
Sector: Lampa 1
Comp: Elder Gòmez

Its been a pretty hard week. But were trying to keep working as hard as we can. We are going to have a baptism  A few weeks ago we found a young man of 23 years in the street. He was pretty sad and we talked to him. He broke up with his girlfriend and lost his job. He said that he had talked to missionaries before and he would like us to pass by... so we went and started teaching him and he has been coming to church for the last 3 weeks. He has almost read all of the Gospel Principles book. We have a baptism service prepared  for him and he is really excited about it. He´s also been talking about serving a mission which is pretty cool. We are excited that the Lord was able to lead us to him. So its Summer here, not as hot as Arizona but pretty hot, and so the girls here have just gone to the extreme with immodesty like wearing see through shirts occasionally some with the see through shirts and no underwear. I leaned that its both a blessing and a curse to have bad eye vision-- so ive started going around without my glasses on and I cant see anything.. listo!! But  on the way to church my companion and i had an accident. My companion and I were riding on bikes reall fast trying to get to the church 15 minutes early so that I could have 5 minutes to practice violin. So I am riding with one hand on the handle bars and I have another hand holding my violin. My companion and I are not wearing helmets so that we can look nice for church and not have line marks in our hair. We started going down pretty fast, there were no cars on the street, and then out of nowhere a car zoomed our of a parking lot - he was backing out and i wasnt with my glasses so I didnt see the car before it started backing out and the driver couldnt see me. He zoomed out litterally right in front of me and I didnt even have a second to react! I just remember seeing the side of his car and the next moment I was on the floor with my companions bike on top of me. So I smashed into this car, and apparently my companion was right behind me and slammed into me! The driver and his girlfriend jumped out of their car, my companion was alright but I couldnt get up that well, I had hit my leg pretty hard. The guy offered to take me to the consultorio to get checked out and i told him I just had to walk it off and Id be alright but he told me that he just wanted to make sure so we went the doctor said my leg will be really bruised and it is , but that was all. But I DESTROYED the back of his car at least 2,000$ worth of damage. We were late for church but it was a miracle that we didnt have more damage than that. I swear there were angels there. We were going so fast and hit that car so hard and without helmets I am suprized that I walked away with only a bruised leg. My violin case was damaged pretty bad but there was no damage to the violin, just a few pieces are moved. My bike needs a new wheel. But I am so greatful that there was nothing more. I decided I am going to wear the helmet Sundays as well, or we will walk to church. But thats about what has happened this week. Ive been sick, I destroyed a car, we are going to have a baptism this next Sunday

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