Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18, 2016 Huelen, Alberdi

Zona: Huelen
Sector: Alberdì
Comp: Elder Cooper

Wow its soooooooooooooooooooooooo hot here!!!!!!!! I feel like I am under a huge magnifying glass, I swear im gonna catch fire any day now! Arizona is soooo much hotter but I dont feel like Im being sniped out by the like like I do here. WEW!

This is a really good sector that I am in. Its been really hard trying to adjust back to walking so much again but its good exercise. We have a bunch of investigators but we still havent had any progresando. We have been trying to look at the tema to see what we can do to sharpen our teachings and focus more on their needs. Thats one of the more difficult parts of missionary work- trying to discern the needs and doubts of the investigators. But the good news is that we have a few inactive families that are coming back to church after years and years of inactivity. Some of these families are part member families so hopefully we can get on that soon.

We are passing out books of mormom and cards to all the members in our ward and they are trying to find a family member or neighbor, friend that they can introduce to and then give us a call. We have been receiving muchas referencias. We hope to see some good fruits soon! We gotta keep up on the work, my companion goes home the 8th of Febuary and I have just two months left!! Thats nothing!!! I feeli kinda stressed like I have a huge loead of things to do and just a really short time to do them in.

We had our leadership meeting and our mission president gave us a really cool example about the field being white and ready to harvest. He said that the Lord has many people prepared to receive us. Its like easter eggs we have to put in a huge amount of effort to find theos people prepared. The scriptures dont say gently put your sickle in but they say THRUST it in. Alot of times we are not thrusting or doing everything we can do, not being diligent and we give up easily because we dont find results. So our mission president siad we had to be more diligent because the eggs are there, and there are many of them.

Miss you guys!! See you all soon ;)

Elder Brady

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