Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014 Colinas

This week has been pretty full of stuff! We had a zone conference on Wednesday and our electricity went out! We have had some pretty cool spiritual experiences also. Earlier this week I had lost some super important papers with my passport and bank account numbers. My companion and I searched the whole house for almost an hour. We decided to pray and after the prayer we sat in silence for a little bit and my companion said ¨alright, check the morchillas again but look really well¨. I said that i would check the one upstairs and he would check the two downstairs. We had both already checked them but we spent more time and searched harder. Within seconds we found the papers.
Yesterday we were contacting and no one was listening to us (we are in a rough area) and we prayed that we might find someone to teach. About ten minutes later we recieved a phone call from someone saying that he had a friend in another sector who is a member and that he wants us to teach him. We wnt straight to his house and taught him the restoration and he wanted us to come again. God answers our prayers. It was a really cool experience.

We have recieved lots of rain. I have a friend serving in the Antofagasta mission who said it started to rain there!! And its been 10 years! So this storm from Antofagasta came all the way down Chile. We have had rain the last 3 days. It has been very cold. We have bikes and so its also very messy. I have a picture of dirt all over my legs! Yesterday was pretty crazy! My companion almost got hit in the face with an onion. We were shot at with air guns also. And everynight we have someone drunk come up and talk to us. Last night someone came to us and kissed our hands and started crying. Last night someone was shooting in the streets in the air and the police came! They were everywhere and colsed off streets! It was weird haha. Tomorrow Elder Dirkmaat and I are doing intercambios! Im pretty excited about that.

I think the biggest problems here in my area are the word of wisdom and the law of chastity. And alot of people wont go to church because they always have work. Its pretty hard to know how to help. I dont know what to do or how to help them want to come to church. My spanish is improving greatly. I have been doing alot in lessons now and always bearing testimony.

-Elder Brady
Elder Brady and Elder Dirkmaat (cousins) with mission pres and wife

This is what happens when you ride a bike in the flooded roads

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