Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, Cerro Navia Chile

This week we had a lot happen! Elias did not get baptized this week but we are hoping for this coming Sunday. But I gave Elias my facebook info and he found me on Facebook and saw that I had photos with the Ponce family in La Serena! And Elias knows the Family Ponce and is friends with them. He told them that i was teaching him and thy responded to him and said my dad was just there with them and stuff. But what a small world dudes!! Unfortunately I will not be there to see him get baptized.

 Today we had changes. I have a new companion and moved to Cerro Navia!! And whats cooler than that is that I am now a Trainer!! I just completed my training and President told me I would be training!! There are two of us training with little time. An hermana missionary will be trainig but she has 5 months! I have 4! Its so crazy dude! We are the only 2 trainers with less than a year in the mission! We went to a reunion for the trainers and they all have a year or more!! I am so excited but so nervous! I am senior companion now, training, in a new sector, and i still dont speak spanish well! My new ompanion is awesome. He is from California, his parents are peruvian. He has 2 months in the mission. Elder Cavinos is my new companion. We are going to shred this sector! I am so excited! Thats all the new for this week! 
The cookie doe was great! I went on an intercambio with my Zone leader and we stayed up making cookies and got wasted all night. This last sunday i played the Violin in church. It went really well. 

-Elder Brady
Zone Leader


Mi mama en la mision


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