Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015 Colina, Chile

Zone: Colina
Sector: Batuco
Comp: Elder Fernandez

This week has been super long. The first few days of this week I have felt a little homesick for my old sector.This week I was bitten by a dog. Good grief I am never having a dog. Everywhere you walk theres a pile of poop or a bunch of dogs!!  My compaion doesnt talk much with me wich is soooo hard. He is so shy! haha but he is just starting and stuff too. I need some patience is all haha.  But theres the negative. The negative doesnt even come close to out-weighing the positive. This week was probably the best week I have had with the work in the mission. We had almost 40 lessions and we but a guy named Franko and a woman named Pakita with a baptism date for April 12th and April 19th. Hopefully things work out! 

Our chapel is so small.. well we are a branch but dang its small and we have around 150 attending church! Its crazy how packed we are!
An Apostle is coming to our visit ONLY our mission. 209 missionaries!! And guess who President asked to play the Violin for when he comes ;) Dues I am excited. They havent told us which Apostle for security reazons but I have a hunch its Elder Holland. But any Apostle would be amazing!! 

I dont have a lot of time to say much this week.. Next week I will have more to say and some pictures. This P-Day has been crazy!

I love you all.

Elder Brady

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