Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 22, 2014

Hey everything is going good! I absolutely hate the MTC!! Haha it was soo kool to see Elder Dirkmaat. I just randomly walked into him it really lifted my spirit! I also found out he is coming to the temple this week on Thursday. There are only 16 missionaries at the MTC right now but we should be getting about 32 more this wednesday. Sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun up there. I got an email from Uncle Ryan with some pretty dang good advice and some awesome scriptures that I marked down. Sounds like Nonny and Poppy are doing good! I wish i tried to learn more spanish when I was working with poppy. That would have helped out a whole lot. Its been really hard to feel the spirit in the MTC because everything is just so rushed. Sundays are really special though. I enjoy sunday. It was also way cool to be able to go the the temple. Thats so stinkin sweet that Joe is going to Ecuador! That will be wayyy kool! Things are still really difficult with my companion. He´s having a hard time and last night Elder Gilbert (MTC Presidents Counselor) and I were able to give hime a blessing. When dad came to the MTC I was less that like 15 ft away from him and i didnt even get to see him that was a huge bummer. We have 4 more weeks in the MTC! Language is coming along great. I think my biggest advice for missionaries about to go out would be to read Preach my Gospel Ch.3!! That has got to be one of the biggest things.

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