Tuesday, April 15, 2014

First letter from the Chilean MTC


Mom this whole mtc thing is way hard. I met about 7 other missionaries at the atlanta airporte and we all just had a terrible flight haha. We got absolutely nooo sleep! And our first day right when we got here they put us in the swiss embassy and had us learn and memorize the first vision and objective of a missionary and D&C 4. We spent 13 hours that day sitting in a chair reading and writing those 3 things till they were memorized. My companion is from Rio Brazil and he hardly knew spanish and like 3 english words. I am the only north american that doesnt have a north american companion. My companion is Elder Souza. We have gotten along really well he is pretty cool. But it has been super hard trying to communicate sometimes and teach but we are improving and will continue to improve. My spanish has improved so much. I can do my testimony and pray in spanish and have a good conversation with someone in basic spanish. It has been really hard here. Oh by the way I was called to be District Leader! It sounds really cool and exciting but its ... not so much haha. Its TONS more responsibilities and more stress. But things are getting more organized and stuff. One responsibility is to Give a 40 minute lesson for my district every sunday in spanish. I really enjoy being around all the missionaries its so cool to see how far we have come in these last few days. I miss you guys. We go to the Temple tomorrow! I really want to see Nate! I saw an CCM graduation picture of him. I havent really had any spiritual experiences yet. Everything has been so rushed because our district stays at the swiss embassy. Anyways.. Love you guys! Tell tyson and hunter i miss them!
P.S- Have your emails sent by Sunday. My P-day changes like every week.

 This is Elder Whitmore he is an awesome guy from Gilbert Arizona! We have alot of the same friends in Arizona. Its been cool to talk to him. He is a great friend.

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