Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Farewell Day

  Wes, Ashlyn, Cameron, Spencer

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Wesley's farewell was March 23rd.  We shared the special day with a family who was blessing their baby on the same day so the chapel was packed, the cultural hall was packed and I had a friend who was out in the foyer tell me that there was standing room only out in the halls.  They had to bless the sacrament twice because of so many people attending.  With the baby blessing and farewell we packed the building.  Wes gave an awesome talk on service.  He spoke of his grandparents (all of them) who have spent so much of their lives serving other people.  The best part of his talk was his testimony at the end.  He has a powerful testimony and will be an awesome missionary!
We had a luncheon right after sacrament meeting in the backyard of some of our friends, the Keyes.  Such great friends to let us do this!
We had papa Boyd and his friend, Collette; uncle Larry and aunt Stephanie; Cameron and Spencer; and my cousin Jessica all came from Arizona.  We had grandma Sunny come from Oregon.  We had uncle Kevin come from Washington.  We had tons of Utah family; Chris and Sara, the Noel family, Ranuta and Gerry and their family, uncle Howard and aunt Sharon, cousins Pam, Malia and her husband and darling kid. We also had tons of friends from the ward and Wesley's friends from school and ALL OVER! 
Geoff made Mexican street tacos and we had a potluck dessert table which was all so yummy!  My friend, Katie, made the guacamole that we all ate until we were stuffed! 
Thank you all SO very much for your help with the food and for being with us on such a great day!



Photo: I am so blessed to have such great friends! One in particular today...Wes is going to be such an amazing missionary and I am so happy that he is my friend! He is such a great example to me in many ways. I am gonna miss you lots wes! :) rock on buddy, love ya. :) #chilebound #missionarystatus #bestfriends


Photo: Elder Brady is officially a missionary!! Such a stud! See you in two buddy!

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