Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Chilean MTC April 29, 2014

Hey everyone! I am starting my 3rd week in the MTC! I miss you all. Things are really starting to speed up! I am learning tons of Spanish! Lessons with our investigators are going great and I already have DC:4 memorized and the First Vision. I can pray and bear my testimony in Spanish and understand tons!! We had a new group of missionaries come in. Sadly two missionaries haven't even made it to their second week. Satan is working really hard at us. The Elders who got sent home are not bad Elders. They have been wounded and i am sure they will get back up on their feet. Today we are going to the Temple again. I am going to try and do it in Spanish this time! Being district leader is really difficult. There are so many meetings and i am always being taken out of class. Every sunday i have to prepare a 45 min lesson. I have one more week left with my companion and then i get a new one. Its a bummer. I am going to be put into a trio. Today I got a haircut... I am sooooooooo embarrassed. It is so short!! I asked for a 3 on the sides and 4 on top... im almost bald!! We have been doing alot of studying in preach my gospel. We have only studied 2 chapters our whole time here! Chapters 3 and 10 are very important and they keep telling us to read those. I found Camila! Camila Pujado goes to institute here and i saw my efy leader! Its been pretty neat! I got to spend a few minutes with dad last week. I miss nate! I need his email address! I have been getting tons of emails from friends and family! Its so nice. I am so anxious to get out to my fist area! I have 3 more weeks! I have been told that I am going to have tons of reactivating to do. Oh and one of the Hermanas that works here was at the new years party  at Rubens house till like 6 the morning and she said she remembers me there and more specifically how she talked to Ashlyn! Its so cool how many people i know here! I Miss you all! Thanks for all the emails!
Camilla (good friend from our old ward in La Serena!) and Elder Brady

Elder Brady and his Chilean EFY leader

Elder Brady and Elder Souza

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