Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014 Las Colinas Chile


This week went by well. Ahora tenemos un cambio en nuestros horario! We now have to get up an hour early at 6:30am but now we can eat dinner! We have an hour to eat dinner por fin!! Things are going very well with Elias except a new rule came out and now we have to teach all 5 lessons antes bautismo. Es tan fome porque tenemos un investigador tan cerca bautismal! Pero ahora Elias serĂ¡ mas preparado. Esta noche vamos a ensenarle sobre el Sacerdocio con un miembro.

I am now the piano player for our rama! I only play the top hand but its better than nothing. El presidente de nuestros rama wants me to play. I really love my new mission president. He is a pretty cool guy. He and his wife are converts and were baptized in this mission! Ellos no hablan mucho ingles pero esta bien porque puedo intender mas y hablar mas. Tal vez dad will meet them when he comes down. 

No tengo mucho mas. All is well down here! Tenemos cambios en 2 semanas. 



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