Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

My week was good. About 5 weeks ago we were stuggling trying to find a new investigator or future investigator. We prayed and that same night probably 20 minutes later we got a call from a guy who said he wanted us to teach him. He has a friend in the church and has been really interested in it and wanting to be closer to God. His name is Elias and he is 25 years old. He has been coming to church since we started teaching him. He has been to church 5 times! We have a baptism date for him on the 3rd of August. We taught him the word of wisdom last night. He is doing really well. He even came early one morning to clean the chapel. Its soooo cold outside but he is just super dedicated. He is a really great investigator and i have learned much from him.
This place is so full of evangelicos and catholics and they will let us make an appointment with them and when we get there they just attack us and try to destoy our testimonies. So many people here hate us. The people are so friendly when your an American in Chile but as a Missionary in Chile it is sooooo different. People throw things at you, flick their cigarette buds at you, spit on you, call you a liar, drop the f-bomb. 
Some guy yesterday called me sucio. I wanted to stop soo bad and tell  him he was the brown one. I just get so frustrated trying to contact and teach people sometimes. I do control myself and think about more positive things. But it is tan deficil. It is really dicouraging sometimes. 

Right now i am reading in Alma. Amulek and Alma are being questioned by zeezrom. Alma is such an awesome guy.

Last night we were out contacting and while we were talking to a guy and lady was walking up the street and i heard something drop. It was a small sound.. I thought it was a candy wrapper that she threw on the ground and so i was thinking like seriously lady you cant just put it in your pocket and throw it away later?! Then i had the feeling to go look at it, after we finnished talking to the guy I went to check it out and there was about 20,000 pesos on the floor. Thats about $40 US dollars. But i was able to quickly race it back up to her. She didnt want to talk to me at first cause im a mormon. But i showed her the money and she was really pleased that i brought it back to her. I am sure the Spirit influenced me to check it out. Or probably helped me hear it. She was far away from me and i heard it drop and she didnt. I thought that was pretty cool. I really like my new mission President. He is a way cool guy.

Im like right between inglish and spanish. I will be listening to someone speak spanish and respond in inglish thinking i am speaking spanish. Inglish just doesnt make sense the way we say things and when i teach inglish class i am always looking at words and i am always wondering if they are spelled right. They just dont look right. 

But i Love you all  and miss you guys tons!! 

E Brady


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