Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 20, 2014 Cerro Navia, Chile

 Wesley's birthday is October 24!  If you have a minute please write him a quick note!
This last week my companion and I have were really focusing on trying to get our investigators to go to church but we failed. We did everything we could to get them to come. We showed up at their house.They just cant wake up in the morning. But this week we found a new family. They are a less active family of 3. Well they have a 17 year old daughter who is not a member but is super interested. They have been living in the area for 8 months and they are really cool. They have been inactive for a little over 2 years. We went and taught them Sunday and it was super successful! They have been through a lot of hard things. We asked them what would interrupt them from going to church with us sunday and they simply said that they were lazy and its hard to wake up in the mornings. The dad took the iniciative and said ¨but nothing is impossible, we need to go.¨ It was really cool to hear him say that. While we were talking they recognized all the blesssings that they were missing out on from not attending the temple and church.
So our goal for this week is bring them to the church and start teaching their daughter. They are a super cool family.

So in total we have 3 families of investigators and 2 of them are progressing well. And i am sure si o si that at least those 2 families will assist church with us this sunday.

I heard news from my old Sector. We were teaching a young guy of 25 years named Elias. He is super cool and i have always been asking how he is doing. He got baptized the week after we had changed. I was sad i had to miss it. But i have heard that his family is now going to church. His brothers have a baptism date. His parents are taking the dicussions and believe Joseph Smith was a Prophet. Elias now has a calling in the branch working with the missionaries. He is an awesome example to me and i am really grateful that i got to participate in finding and teaching him and watching him make all the changes in his life.

We have been teaching a family.. well a couple thats living together. Here in Chile almost no one wants to get a divorce because its so expensive. So they just dont get married and are living in sin or they get married and cant afford a divorce and find another partner and ..continue living in sin. This is the case with a couple we are teaching. The guy is a member but is married, cant afford a divorce and is living with another girl who is not a member. It is so hard to help them to progress with out him getting a divorce and them both getting married. We have just continued to teach them and TRYING to bring them to church.

This week we feel very secure with our investigators and our big focus now is the less active members. we need to have a consistent 120 members assisting the church or they are going to drop this ward and combine it with another which means the church is farthur away and that means even more less actives. So our biggest focus this week is the lessactives. The past 4 weeks it has been between 90 and 110. We are shooting for 120+ this Sunday. We have faith that we can do it. We just need to do the work. 

But thats all this week. Sorry I havent been writing a lot. We do a lot of stuff on P-Day and somethings only have 10 minutes to write our families and president.

But I love you all.

-Elder Brady

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