Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014, Cerro Navia, Chile

I will be able to skype on christmas. So hopefully you guys are all there that day. I am really bummed that I lost the money. I really feel like I let Dad down. I was so mad at myself that I didnt notice it. And all my photos and all that are gone as well. But anyways this week was alright. It was a lot slower. We found a Peruvian family and they are awesome! The couple is not married and they have one son age 5. The guy is a less active and wants to rejoin and the girl doesnt know anything about the church or heard anything about it. We were able to teach her about the Restoration and she accepted it really well, I really felt the Spirit with them. And after we talked about marrige a little and if they had plans to get married and they both really want to get married. So Elder Covinos and I are both really excited for that! But thats about all this week!

Elder Brady

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