Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014 Cerro Navia, Chile

This week was awesome! We found 2 new part member families! These families are less active and they both want to return to church. They both have kids from the ages 11 to 23. We are super excited to teach them. We invited them both to church but they did not come, pero esta bien we are going to work for this next sunday. We almost completed our goal of a church assistance of 120.. we were short by 2! We got 118 and thats pretty good we taught almost 37 lessons this week and alot of less actives joined and something so cool happened! After so much praying and fasting and working Cecilia finnally went to church with us!! We have been trying for 3 months and my companion and his were trying even before that and she finally came!! She loved it and everyone was super nice and invited her to all the activities and we went back to talk with her about it and she wants to go to church and go to all the activities. She was so happy I had never seen her so happy. She has a date to be baptized for the 9th of November! I was so happy sunday i just couldnt stop smiling. Just seeing her in the church and that she was happy just was awesome. It makes you feel good inside. Really good. This week went really well with lessons and bringing less actives back to church. We had a huge success this last week. We hope for even bigger this next week. Unfortunately next monday when everything is just getting going ..we will have changes. We will find out this saturday whats going to happen but we both would like to stay. Cecilia has alot of questions and is really interested in the spirit world and family history and temple work so this week we are going to be really focused on that. She has alot of family who are not members and her parents died without the gospel and she wants to know what all is going to happen. But this week went really well.

--Elder Brady
Thanks for all the Birthday wishes!!

I got to spend an hour at a house! There is a girl named Jackolyn who turned 19 the same day also and so we both celebrated our birthdays the same time! It was pretty fun!

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