Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4, 2015 Huelen, Alberdi

Zona: Huelen
Sector: Alberdi
Comp: Elder Cooper

This week was a good week but it´s been a bit challenging for us. I have been trying to get used to walking 15 kilometros everyday now. I have already just lost so much weight. This sector used to be 2 different sectors and they were BIG sectors and now its all one and we have all of it!! My feet are full of blisters but they are hardening up pretty fast. I hope after another week I will be accostomed. 
There are a lot of investigators but some just are not progressing so we might be dropping some soon. There are a lot of good members in the ward and the cool this is that we have lunch everyday!
My companion Elder Cooper is a really great guy. He is from Payson Utah and he goes home the 8th of Feburary- So we have two old and dead missionaries together....Trunky!! Haha no we are working really hard trying to make it the best last months of our missions. 

When I came to the mission I hadnt made the click that ´Im in the mission or that im going to the mission´ until I walked into the CCM. I wasnt that sad to leave my family and everything else but when I entered into CCM I realized wow I am going to be here for two years I started missing everything. Its like the same with going home- I havent made that click that ´wow my time is ending, Im not going to be a missionary anymore´ It will be after I step onto American soil again where i will start missing Chile and realizing that my time really is over.

I absolutely love the mission, being able to share the gospel and help my friends come unto Christ. I am learned so much more of this gospel and I have become so converted to it. I have a huge testimony of the Restoration and of this Gospel, this church. It is amazing participating in this work and letting it change and convert us, watching it change the lives of our brethren. Everyone, if its possible, should serve a mission.

I will send more photos next time!

Love you guys!

Happy New Year!!!!

Elder Brady

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