Monday, January 4, 2016

December 28, 2015 Huelen, Alberdi 1

While we were in AZ for Christmas we were able to skype with elder Brady.  That was a treat.  But he was very sick.  He and his companion spent the evening before hooked up to an I.V.  Frequently during our skype visit he crunched up in pain.  Our prayers were heard and he got to feeling better quickly.

Zona: Huelen
Sector: Alberdi 1
Comp: Elder Cooper

Well we had cambios! I had been in zona Colina for almost a year and 3 months and now I am back in la Zona Huelen. We don`t have bikes because we are in the city. So this is going to be my graveyard -where I end the mission. I plan to go all out here its a new sector, new start a good place to work. I have an awesome new companion -Elder Cooper from Payson Utah. He actually finnished his mission and the end of this change and I finnish the end of next change so we are going to be struggling to stay working hard and not being trunki. But he`s a great guy I am excited to work here with him.

I was sick allllllll last week with fever, vomiting, headaches and stomach pains. I spent Christmas Eve in an emergency clinic hooked up with an IV. My companion also suffered the same sickness. So it was a bummer week But now we feel a whole lot better. 

We were able to talk to our families on Christmas and that was pretty cool, I was able to see some of my cousins and aunt as well.

But Here I am ready to start a new change!! 

Love you guys! 

Elder Brady

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